8 Health Remedies for People born on 5, 14, or 23 (Birth Number 5)

8 Health Remedies for People born on 5, 14, or 23 (Birth Number 5)

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Birth Number 5 people are ruled by the planet Mercury. It governs speech, memory, nostrils, hands and the nerve system.

1. Birth Number 5 people are prone to following health problems:


          Nervousness due to excessive mental strain.

          Cough, Cold, and Flu.

          Skin disorders.


          Kidney problems.

2. Weak memory, Sleeplessness, diabetes, physical and mental depression, stammering, apoplexy, lisping, dumbness, tumour in the nose or head, nervousness, cough, hoarseness, gout in hands and feet and vertigo are the main diseases that they are prone to.

Remedies for Birth Number 5 People

1. They can overcome most of their health problems through adequate rest and meditation.

2. They should stop too much of mental work.

3. Avoid stress for too long and sleepless nights.

4. Avoid fear, to become strong internally.

5. Regular use of carrot, radish, coconut, Ajwain, mint, green leafy vegetables, pulse, turnips, almonds, citrus foods, Trifala, and barley are advisable.

6. Avoid being fatalistic and bothering.

7. June, September, and December are not good months for Birth Number 5.

8. 14th, 23rd, 41st and 50th years are for changes. They should be extra careful during these years.

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