Story of Kalpavriksha and a troubled traveller

Story of Kalpavriksha and a troubled traveller

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Story of Kalpavriksha and a troubled traveller

• A person whose life had been full of struggle was passing through the forest. On the way he came across this giant tree, too magnificent, too beautiful, too hard to resist — inviting and riveting. The tree was a Kalpavriksha, a wish fulfilling tree.

• He sat by the root under the tree. Soon he felt thirsty. “How I wish I could get a glass of cold water,” he thought. Poof! A glass of cold water emerged out of things air.

He gulped it down, but now he felt hungry too. Barely had he imagined food, a sumptuous meal appeared in front of him. He pinched himself in utter disbelief.

He then thought of a comfy bed and that too materialized in no time. The traveler realized that he had hit a jackpot. It was happening for real. He wished for a home, servants, garden, land, wealth, and everything continued to manifest in front of him.

It was starting to dawn on him that he was a master of his fate. After all this tree was truly granting his wishes, that his thoughts were actually coming true.

• Afraid of losing it all, still in a sense of denial, he thought, “No, this can’t be true. I don’t deserve all this.”

Poof! Everything disappeared in a whiff. He looked around, it was getting dark. “I hope there’s no lion nearby or I would be eaten alive,” he thought.

That very moment, a lion appeared and ate him.
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