Something More Magnificent is Coming to YOU!

Something More Magnificent is Coming to YOU! So often when things change in our lives, we have such a resistence to change.This is because when people see a big change appearing they are often fearful that it is something bad. But it is important to...

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Is this a thought YOU hold?

Is this a thought YOU hold? "I have no money to give, but when I have money then I will give."If it is, you will never have money.The fastest way to attract anything is to give it to another. So if it is money you want to attract, then give it. You can...

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If you are looking for LOVE

If you are looking for LOVE, the best chance you have of finding absolute happiness with the perfect person (whoever that may be) is when you surrender to the Universe.Allow the Universe to bring the true love of your life to you, and to move you to them....

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what do you really want in this lifetime

After all what do you really want in this lifetime?

Have you ever wondered, where are you heading, what are you doing and why are you doing or living the way you are?

If you sit down in peace and reflect on these questions, two sides of you will emerge. Both will argue their point like two lawyers do before the judge.

While, one side will say, “Stop complaining, you are good and happy. All is well.”

The other side will try to motivate you.  It will say, “But so and so has done it. Of course you can do it too.” and so forth.

And who is the judge? You!

Whenever you want to do something different in life, these conflicting conversation will erupt. In such a moment, it will help to remember that anybody who has ever done anything significant in his or her life chose to ignore the complacent and timid arguments.

My focus is not to prod you in acting upon something you may have long wanted to do.

Instead, I just want to know from you, on what will you devote the next 10 years of life?

Do you know that, if you invest just 3 hrs on a daily basis for next 10 years, you will reach the pinnacle of that skill.  You will be considered a master in that field.  It doesn’t matter if you were born with that talent.

The first 1000 hours will be hard and even boring at times.  But with persistence you will certainly unlock your genius and expose a creative side of you that will not only surprise you but also everyone around. Think.

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