Did you know about Swimmer’s Body Illusion?

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Swimmer’s Body Illusion

One of my friends resolved to do something about the stubborn extra kilos she’d been carrying, she contemplated taking up various sports.

However, joggers seemed scrawny and unhappy, and the bodybuilders looked broad and stupid, and cyclists? Oh so bottom-heavy! Swimmers, appealed to her with their well-built, streamlined bodies. As a result, she chose to sign up at a local swimming pool and to train hard twice a week.

A short while later, she realized that she had succumbed to an illusion. Professional swimmers don’t have the perfect body because they train extensively. Rather, they are good Swimmers because of their physique. How their bodies are designed is a factor for selection and not the result of their activities.

Similarly, female models advertise cosmetics and thus, many female consumers believe that these products make you beautiful. But it’s not the cosmetics that make these women model like. Quite simply, the models are born attractive and only for this reason are the candidates for cosmetics advertising.

As with the models, beauty is a factor for selection and not the result. Whenever you confuse selection factors with results you fall prey to Swimmer’s Body Illusion.

All over the world, MBA schools lure candidates with statistics regarding future income. This simple calculation is supposed to show that the horrendously high tuition fees pay for themselves after a short period of time.

The same funda applies to reputed Design Schools and Medical Colleges.

Many prospective students fall for this approach. I am not implying that the school’s doctor the statistics, but still their statements must not be swallowed wholesale? So, if you are considering further study, do it for reasons other than a bigger pay check.

In conclusion: be wary when you are encouraged to strive for certain things – be it abs of steel, immaculate looks, a higher income, a long life, a particular demeanor or happiness. You might fall prey to the Swimmer’s Body Illusion

Before you decide to take the plunge, look in the mirror – and be honest about what you see.

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