Impact of missing E, N, & W from your full name

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Impact of missing E, N, & W from your full name

If you haven’t yet noticed please write down your full name with expanded initials and check if all three letters (E, N, & W) missing from your full name. If yes! Please note that this the rare occurrence. Which may be impacting you very badly.

Feel free to share this post on your timeline so that others too can benefit from this information. Also do remember to share your views with me on WhatsApp (+91.9900063216). If you notice that all three letters are missing from your full name, then this situation is called Karmic Lesson 5.

  • This is the indication of having dodged not only human relationships but life experiences.
  • There is poor equipment with which to go through life – no understanding or toleration, no versatility or adaptability – only the constant for of new and progressive.
  • You have refused to profit by the life experiences, it is as if you are walking through life with closed eyes.
  • Life will place you in situations where a knowledge of the world is essential; where you will meet with constant change and be obliged to face many emergencies.
  • You will be made to realise that some phase of development may be gained from every experience and life will be a tragedy until you learn something about his fellow beings.

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