Karmic Lesson 9: Impact of missing I & R from your full name.

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Karmic Lesson 9: Impact of missing I and R from your full name

If you haven’t yet noticed please write down your full name with expanded initials and check if two letters (I and R) missing from your full name. If yes! Please this occurrence. Which may be impacting you very badly. Feel free to share this post on your timeline so that others too can benefit from this information. Also do remember to share your views with me on WhatsApp (+91.9900063216). If you notice these two letters are missing from your full name, then this situation is called Karmic Lesson 9.

  • This is rare and unfortunate.
  • Every other experience has been contacted except that of learning the human angle.
  • There has been a fear of emotions and no understanding of them in others.
  • There is no appreciation of suffering, for the fire of life has been missed.
  • The concern has been entered upon the self and the law of past lives has been not to get involved or concerned with anything that lay outside.
  • Life will offer jolt after jolt to your emotional nature until it is thoroughly awakened.
  • The Karmic Lesson 9 will be called upon to relinquish all without personal satisfaction or reward.
  • You will go through the fire of intense emotional suffering until you acquire love, sympathy and understanding of the sufferings of those who live on the emotional plane.
  • You will have to acquire what you formerly lacked – red blood.

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