Be – Do – Have: The secret formula for success

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Be – Do – Have: The secret formula for success

Many people think that in order to be wealthy they must have a big house, a large car, a big TV and most of the modern lifestyle equipments. These people struggle hard to have these luxury lifestyle and end-up struggling to pay the EMIs for most of their life and somewhere they end-up being unhappy and literally bogged down with lakhs of debts. This is because they have not understood the secret formula of being rich.

To become a rich you must follow three steps in a following order. They are:

Of course to become a rich you must do what you love, add enormous value, and leverage it. Without action there are no results. However, while these DOing steps are critical, they are not the first priority. BEing comes first! You must first BE a rich in your mind and act as if you are already a rich person.

Rich people know and act from the space that “the more you give the more you get” and the abundance comes from making others better off.

For rich people the primary reason to become rich is to have more to give. For them it’s all about giving. It is rarely about getting. The attitude of giving springs from the wellspring of the abundance that exists. Rich people give because that is who they are – It’s the highest manifestation of their true nature. It comes from their BEING.

You must be rich in your being before you do anything. From that “BEing” space you do what needs to be done to add as much value to the world as possible. In fact, your BEING(rich) will have a direct impact on the kind of actions that you will take. As a result of your richer BEingness, your behaviour or DOingness will be appropriate in each situation.

Granted it is possible to make lakhs of rupees by doing and undoing. However, you won’t experience the peace, gratitude, and sense of wealth that come from the added value approach of the rich. You will also miss the joy of tapping into the ocean of abundance, one of the greatest of earthly pleasures.

When both BEing and DOing are correct and aligned, you will HAVE your desired outcome. You will have riches beyond your wildest dreams.

You can use same formula of BE, DO and HAVE for having literally anything in your life.

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