7 Vastu tips for keeping the broom (Jhaadu) to attract money and happiness

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7 Vastu tips for keeping the broom (Jhaadu) to attract money and happiness

We all are aware that broom is used to clean the house, and the Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, will stays only in a clean house. This is how the broom is connected to god. The way you keep it in your home represents the way you welcome home the prosperity and wealth. So you must keep broom properly.

  1. Don’t keep broom vertically. The cleaning side of it should not face the roof.
  2. Don’t step on broom. It symbolises Goddess Lakshmi. It must never come in contact with your feet.
  3. Keep it away from the main door. It should not be seen as soon as a person enters into house. Hide it from others who visit your home.
  4. Don’t keep it in north-east corner of the house.
  5. Never keep it in pooja ghar and kitchen.
  6. Don’t keep a it in your bedroom. Keeping a broom in bedroom may cause huge negative impact on people sleeping there. It will increase the chances husband and wife separation.
  7. It must be kept in the same direction of main door.

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