9 Tips to Please and Attract Goddess Lakshmi

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9 Tips to Please and Attract Goddess Lakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi, the feminine energy of the supreme being. She is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Worshipping her would attract good fortune, abundance into one`s life. She brings success to hard working and dedicated people who call on her. Though she is the Goddess of wealth, one should not call on her with greed. Fridays are the best day for worshiping Lakshmi.

  1. Everyday chant the Lakshmi Gayathri mantra 108 times. “Om Mahalakshmyaye Vidmahe, Vishnupriyaye Dhimahi, Tanno Lakshmth Prachodayath”.
  2. To get rid of poverty and have material gain, use Kamal Gatta mala (Lotus seed mala or rosary) for reciting the mantra as this pleases the Goddess immensely.
  3. Everyday light two ghee lamps and offer coconut, lotus flowers and kheer.
  4. To attract highly positive wealth vibrations and material success, every Friday, light an earthen lamp of ghee, using nine wicks of lotus stem.
  5. Place cowries or sea shells in the place of worship to attract highly positive energies into the household.
  6. Chant Lakshmi Dwadasa Stotra 12 times for 12 days to get free from debts, financial burdens.
  7. All the Gods reside in the place where a tulsi plant is grown. Please Goddess Lakshmi by lighting a lamp and praying to tulsi plant.
  8. To remove all obstacles and destroy sins, on Fridays, feed a cow with sweetened white rice to attract the grace of Lakshmi. Immense wealth is obtained when cows are fed well.
  9. Draw the footprints of Lakshmi by using raw rice flour in the Pooja room to welcome her into the house.

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