Shri Lakshmi Dwadasha Naam Stotram: 12 Names of Goddess Lakshmi

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Shri Lakshmi Dwadasha Naam Stotram: 12 Names of Goddess Lakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of prosperity (both material and spiritual), wealth, fertility, good fortune, and courage. She is said to bring good luck in life. These are the 12 names of Mahalakshmi (Dwadasha Naam Stotram) which brings success, good karmas & enlightenment in life. It is believed that one who recites Dwadasha Naam Stotram continuously, achieves everything he desires. Below is the stotram in English followed the meaning.

Shridevi Prathamam Nama Dvitiyam Amrritodbhavaq |
Trritiyam Kamala Prokta Chaturtham Lokasundari ||1||

Sridevi being the first name and the second being Amrutodbhava |
Kamala has been said to be the third and the fourth Lokasundari ||1||

Panchamam Vishnupatni Cha Shashtham Syat Vaishnavi Tatha |
Saptatam Tu Vararoha Ashtamam Harivallabha ||2||

The fifth is Vishnupatnee and Vaishnavi is known to be the sixth |
The seventh is Varaaroha and the eighth is Harivallabhaa ||2||

Navamam Sharngini Prokta Dashamam Devadevika |
Ekadasham Tu Lakshmih Syat Dvadasham Shriharipriya ||3||

The ninth has been said to Shaarnghinee and Devadevika the tenth |
The eleventh however is Lakshmi and the twelveth is Sri Haripriya ||3||

Dvadashaitani Namani Trisandhyam Yah Pathennarah |
Ayurarogyamaishvaryam Satya Punyaphalapradam ||4||

One who chants these twelve names during the three daily conjunction |
Acquires as its merit long life, good health and great wealth ||4||

Dvimasam Sarvakaryani Shanmasad Rajyameva Cha |
Samvatsaram Tu Pujayah Shrilakshmyah Pujya Eva Cha ||5||

Chant for two months and succeed in all endeavours, chant for six and verily gain a kingdom|
And do chant for a year and behold, Lakshmi herself consider you worthy of her worship ||5||

Lakshmim Kshira Samudra Rajatanayam Shri Rangadhameshvarim
Dasibhuta Samasta Devavanitam Lokaika Dipamkuram ||

O Lakshmi, daughter of the king of the milk ocean, Queen of the holy abode named srirangam |
Unto whom all the celestial damsels have turned themselves into servants, the only spark of the divine light that beckons the whole Universe ||

Shriman Mandakataksha Labdha Vibhava Brahmendra Gamgadharam
Tvam Trailokya Kutumbinim Sarasijam Vande Mukundapriyam ||6||

One who has bestowed with her graceful look from the corner of her eyes all the opulences of Shriman upon Brahma, Indra and Gangadharaa |
I bow to thee, O beloved of Mukunda, born of the divine ocean, and the mother of all the three worlds ||6||

|| Iti Shri Lakshmi Dwadasha Nama Stotram Sampurnam ||

|| Shri Lakshmi Dwadasha Naam stotra ends here ||

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