Are you going through tough times in life? Are you going through the Shani ki Sadesati?

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Are you going through tough times in life? Are you going through the Shani ki Sadesati?

Many years ago I went through a similar phase in my life. Astrologically I was going through the difficult period of seven and half years adversely impacted by planet Saturn (Shani sadesati).

There were days and sometimes months, when I went cashless, completely dry. I remember that our LPG cylinder got over exactly on the day of Diwali and I didn’t have money to get a refill. We simply drank water and celebrated our Diwali looking at others bursting crackers.

Luckily a friend invited us for dinner that night!

During such tough times, I participated in one educational seminar. We were asked to discuss about the new possibilities we were working on in our lives with other people in our lives and invite them as guests for the next class.

Apparently, the seminar leader was intending that we participants discover the magic formula of getting anything that we wanted in our lives simply by doing this exercise.

Instead, most of us were so much engrossed with our own life problems; to us sharing about our possibility with others and inviting them to next session as guest occurred as a ploy to get more business for the company that was conducting the seminar. Obviously I did nothing.

When the coach called me to inquire if I had completed the assignment of sharing and inviting, I was worrying about the money that was to be paid to the milkman the next day. I didn’t have Rs. 300 for that.

So when the coach called, I simply shouted at him and told him that the was not at all concerned about my pathetic situation and only interested in me getting the guest for the next class.

The coach, being a coach listened to my outburst quietly. I even asked him, What can I do, when I am going through the Shani Sadesati that I fully believe in? Everything that I do is going wrong. There seems to be something wrong.

After listening to me fully, my coach said something really wonderful that altered my life forever.

He said, It’s beyond the scope of our seminar to discuss Shani Sadesati but if you permit, I could share with you the magical formula of dealing with similar or even more tougher situations in your life.

He continued to bring in more clarity. And he said, this is the typical mistake most people do. When things get difficult, instead of thinking there is something wrong, think what is missing in my way of being, if that were present, I would act differently. And when I take those different actions, the desired results would show up.

Stop and think

This indeed was a real eye opener for me. So now every time things seem tough, I simply stop and think,

  • Who am I being in this situation?
  • How is this way of being impacting my actions adversely?
  • What way of being I must inculcate; if I were to get the desired results?
  • What new actions will I take if I bring forth that new way of being?
  • I do this exercise almost everyday. It has now become a automatic response in my life.

Let me know if this sharing has opened something for you. Remember that finally what really matters is What do YOU want?

Once you get clarity about it and bring forth the beingness of that person who would have it; you will automatically be present to real new possibilities in your life.

Let me summarize by repeating the magic mantra of getting anything that you want in your life.

You can get anything that you want for yourself or your life by participating in your life. You must however share your new possibilities with others such that they are also moved, touched and inspired your possibilities.

And most importantly, you must take inspired actions consistent with your new possibilities. After all only actions produce the results.

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