Numerology Analysis: 11 Characteristics of people born on 7, 16 and 25 (number 7) and suggested remedies.

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Numerology Analysis: 11 Characteristics of people born on 7, 16 and 25 (number 7) and suggested remedies

Characteristics of Number 7

  1. Restless: You are very restless from within but one will not be able to understand you by looking at you or talking to you.
  2. Secretive: You are secretive in nature. You will look quiet from outside generally, also, it is difficult for others to understand what is going on within you.
  3. Indecisive: You struggle in making decisions. You need a strong number as your partner to get going and help you in making decisions.
  4. Intuitive Powers: As a Number 7, if you are in the field of art, you can do wonders. Your work will always stand out. Your work have originality.
  5. Introvert: You may be outgoing and extrovert. Generally, you take time in getting close to people. At times you talk a lot but still, you do not open your heart out.
  6. Excellent analytical skills: You excel in jobs involving analysis and research. As discussed earlier, in this field your work will always stand out. You always keep on analyzing something in your brain.
  7. Philosophical: You are philosophical by nature. There is always something or the other going on in your mind. If your destiny and name number are good you can become excellent scholar.
  8. Sentimental: You are highly sensitive and lover by heart. You always need someone close to you so that you can share your innermost feelings.
  9. Good speaker: You generally talk less, but when needed you talk substance and make good speakers.
  10. Flexible: You are not stubborn like number 1 or 3 people. Your mind changes often. You get influenced by people soon. You have an ability to adapt to environment easily.
  11. Expressive: You are expressive and are very romantic in relationships. You know the art of love making and are highly sensual.

Remedies for Number 7

  1. Avoid negative thoughts and restlessness. Try to be positive.
  2. Try to take decisions yourself and do not get influenced by people.
  3. Understand yourself and your strengths better.
  4. Try to avoid mood swings and make your mind more stable

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