How to release the bottled up emotions?

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How to release the bottled up emotions?

Shouting is sometimes great for your life. It can be relieving. It lets you release a lot of clogged up emotions. If you have been keeping your emotions bottled up; notice that you’re becoming increasingly restless and bitter.

It’s time to release your clogged up emotions.

But consciously avoid shouting at your loved ones and at other people too. When you shout at someone, it leaves the other person hurt. It also pains the other person and certainly affects the quality of your relationship adversely.

Plus, since it is associated with the emotion of anger, it leaves you weaker, maybe even guilty afterwards. Most importantly remember that every time you get angry; you’re simply losing out your punya. You instantly loose the rights to the consequences of all your past good deeds or good karma.

So, how does one release the bottled up emotions without causing any harm to self or others?

  • Go find an isolated place where you can shout. Yes, shout without any inhibitions. It can be your terrace, garden or even the empty outskirts. A place where you can just go loud without worrying whether anybody is listening.
  • Then just shout really LOUD Shout till you feel all that’s bottled up in you
    is released; years and years of suppressed emotions.
  • Shout till the tears start rolling down. You’ll feel light like never before.
  • Feel it. Just look within yourself. How much stuff are you carrying in you? Most of which isn’t by choice, you are just unaware how to get it out of your system.
  • Empty yourself. Vent it, before it bursts you. Give it an outlet and it will leave you lighter and happier.
  • Do remember to share your experience with me without fail.

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