Numerology Analysis: 9 Characters of Number 9 (People born on 9th, 18th and 27th)

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Number 9 (People born on 9th, 18th, and 27th): Numerology Analysis

The number 9 (people born on 9th, 18th and 27th) stands in symbolism for the planet Mars. Mars is a very destructive planet and red in colour. It is known as the commander in chief and is dressed as a warrior. It is hot and fiery from outside and has ice inside. Number 9 people are able to channel this energy in the right direction they are very successful in life. Napoleon had only Number 9 people in his army as he knew that Number 9 people have tremendous energy to fight and are very courageous. Here is a little Numerology analysis if you are number 8.

  1. You are courageous and adventurous. At times you work as excellent motivators for people around you. You are always the leader when it comes to adventure sports and can go and fight with your enemies without weapon as well.
  2. You are extremely determined. Do not have great luck in your young age, but with your diligence and hard work you end up on the winning side and becoming great success stories.
  3. You love control. Can create magnificent things if you have full control, otherwise you tend to lose interest. But you can be aggressive, dashing and quick in organising things if you have the opportunity.
  4. You can fight against extreme adversities. And you hate to be defeated and would continue doggedly till you win.
  5. You are extremely loyal to your friends and will fight for them. You also sympathise with the downtrodden and you love children and are very merciful.
  6. In your characters you often have a significant element of sacrifice. You love to do good things for the others, a significant portion of your time is usually given for a charity and support of those who need help.
  7. You have extremely modern and clue-full ideas. People reach out to you for advice. Number 9 persons must be very careful while taking obligations or liabilities of others.
  8. You can work without sleep as well. I have often seen people ruled by Mars do not sleep much as they keep on feeling restless. You are the most energetic people among all the other psychic numbers.
  9. For the world, you may look like very strong and stubborn. But you are actually very soft and emotional people.

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