9 Characters of Number 2 People (People born on 2, 11, 20 and 29)

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birth number 2

9 Characters of Number 2 People (People born on 2, 11, 20 and 29)

Number 2 is for the planet Moon. Moon is a feminine planet and by nature it makes the Number 2 people feminine. Moon is closer to the earth than any other planet and it changes one zodiac to another in only 2.5 days so it completes 1 rotation in 30 days. A number 2 individual’s life changes more often than any other number; this is because Moon changes its zodiac so often. Below are the 9 characteristics of number 2 people.

  1. Creative and Imaginative: You are good in thinking and imagining things. You do excellent in any field of art like acting, composing music, designing etc.
  2. Intuitive: You have very intuitive brain. You look quiet from outside but your brain is always working. Also, you are able to understand people very well by meeting them just once.
  3. Excellent Speaker: You are a brilliant speaker. You talk less and to the point but because of this quality you talk substance which makes you highly appreciated.
  4. Inclined to Art and Music: You are a lover of the beautiful things on earth as you are a feminine number. If given an option, you opt for art and music as your career.
  5. Peace Loving: Generally, you are seen to be quiet and calm from outside. But this may change depending upon your experiences and zodiac sign.
  6. Romantic and sensitive: You are romantic and possess certain flirtish tendencies as well. You are very soft hearted and small things can really bother you at times.
  7. Highly emotional: You are highly emotional and you need to be handled with love and care, this is more with number 2 girls.
  8. Extreme mood swings: You will have extreme mood swings. you find it difficult to stick to one thing or idea for long.
  9. Impatient: You can’t wait for the results and get very impatient. In the process you do things which a practical person wouldn’t do and you may spoil the plan.

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