9 Tips to use Wind Chimes: Attract positivity, health and Money

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wind chimes

9 Tips to use Wind Chimes: Attract positivity, health, and Wealth

The history of wind chimes dates back to ancient times in many cultures. They are generally made of hollow steel, wood and copper rods hung in a cluster. They are used as a sound cure to correct the path of energy flow and to remove various blockages, thereby enhancing overall luck. In Buddhism, wind bells are used in many holy rituals. It focusses on the flow of energy called “Chi”, the flow having a direct impact on a person’s health, happiness and luck. Here are few tips to use wind chimes.

They make a harmonious sound when a gentle breeze blows. Different materials produce different sounds, creating an overall pleasing effect. Here are few tips to use wind chimes.

  1. Metal wind chimes must be hung in the West, North-West and North direction of the house or room.
  2. Ceramics wind chimes best to use in South-West, North-East and center sections of house or office.
  3. Wooden wind chimes are preferred in the East, South-East and South directions.
  4. The common place where people hang wind chimes is outside the front door, as it creates a sound each time someone enters the premises. Thus, a guest automatically brings in good vibes.
  5. A good number of the rods in the wind chimes is 6, 7, 8 or 9. The 6 or 8-rod chimes are used for removing the bad luck.
  6. Use 6,7,8 or 9-rod metal wind chimes in the North, West or North-West to bring more energy into the house
  7. A 5-rod windchime is hung on the middle door where there are three doors in a row. It will remove afflictions. When it is hung on an overhead exposed beam, it will help deflect the poison arrows caused by the beam.
  8. If there is a tree or pole or some poison arrows from the neighborhood pointed at your door, you may hang a 5-rod windchime in-between.
  9. Hanging a 6 or 7-rod metal chime on the west can improve your children’s luck and hanging the same in the northwest direction can bring the support of a mentor.

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