Numerology Secrets of Number 3 (Born on 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th)

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Numerology Secrets of Number 3 (Born on 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th

Each of the numbers 1 through 9 has a unique personality, a limited range of qualities and traits. To get a good understanding of how numbers affect us, it helps to get to know each single-digit number as if it were a person you know, carrying its own personality traits, strengths and weaknesses.

The number 3 is like a gifted teenager who is still under the protection of its parents: a bit spoiled, certainly scattered and perpetually in need of guidance. However, the most obvious traits of the number 3 are in the creative field. Below are 9 Numerology secrets of number 3.

  1. You are excellent in the execution of commands; you love order and discipline in all things.
  2. As a number 3 person, you are bold and strong. You are wise and inclined toward accumulation of knowledge. You are confident about your ability
  3. You rarely depends on others. You must, however, avoid talking loudly and foolishly. Your passions are uninhibited and healthy. You rarely holds back your thoughts.
  4. You are moral and merciful. Your love is pure. You have distinct harmony in the vibrations emitted by you.
  5. They are able to control their temperament and do not get into heated arguments unnecessarily. Also you possess true dignity.
  6. Your enormous enthusiasm takes you to sports and outdoor life. Your intellect makes you create magnificent possibilities for yourself and others.
  7. Your visions makes you understand the world with a pragmatic mind. You rejoice in what you see, and you bask in the warmth of human existence.
  8. You rarely wishes to change. Your broad humour is such that it permits you to accept the follies around you with good natured tolerance.
  9. You are true without being pedantic. You are generous without appearing to seek appreciation through it. Your respect and reverence are healthy without appearing to be flattery.

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