10 Vastu tips to make Effective Use of Mirror at home

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10 Vastu tips to make Effective Use of Mirror at home

You must be very careful in choosing mirrors for your home. Mirror must be placed in proper places and in specific directions. Mirrors have a very powerful effect on well-being of a family and individuals.

Mirrors are among the most useful vastu remedies, because they can be used in many different ways to address many vastu problems. At the same time, not all the mirrors are effective in the same way. Using the wrong shape and direction can sometimes do more damage instead of addressing a problem. Below are 10 vastu tips on mirror placement and direct at home.

  1. Keeping a mirror in bedroom looks good, at the same time it can bring negative energy to the bedroom if positioned incorrectly. Make sure that the mirror does not reflect your bed while sleeping.
  2. It is good idea to keep a mirror in dining hall and it must reflect a dining table. It is believed that reflection of food on the dining table symbolises abundance of wealth.
  3. Never place a mirror in a way it reflects main door or main gate. It blocks positive energy from entering house by bouncing it away from the house.
  4. Keep mirrors clean at all the time. Make sure the mirror show clear reflection of a person standing in front of it. Avoid keeping broken mirrors.
  5. Always use square or rectangular mirrors. Avoid using round and oval shaped mirrors.
  6. Mirror has the water energy and the south corner has the fire energy. So placing the mirror on the south extinguishes the fire energy in your home. This extinguish the fame luck of the south corner and bring a bad name to you.
  7. If you are using mirrors in the bathroom place them on the east or north walls.
  8. Never place two mirrors opposite to each other. It encourage restlessness.
  9. Always hang mirrors flat against the walls not leaning to the wall or forward.
  10. The mirror reflecting the outdoor views like garden, nature or mountains can bring a lot of abundance to house.

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