Superstitions about cats from around the world

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Superstitions about cats from around the world

Cats are unique creatures. They are soft, fuzzy, pleasant, and they can be bristling, spitting balls of razor sharp teeth and claws. Cats are sneaky, clever, and agile hunters. They have a strong streak of independence. There are lots of superstitions centred around cats, some colour specific, some even contradict each other. Below are few superstitions from around the world.

  1. In Germany, if the black cat crosses right to left, then it is bad omen.
  2. In Scotland a strange black cat appearing on your porch is good omen.
  3. If you hear a cat sneeze in Italy then you are in for a streak of good omen.
  4. If you happen to spot a white cat in America at night time, you might be in trouble soon. Spotting the same in day time is good omen.
  5. In India, a black cat crossing your path is considered as a bad omen.
  6. Latvian farmers believe that black cats are spirit of Rungis, the God of harvest and when they find black cats in their granary, they become overjoyed.
  7. In Netherlands, cats are not allowed in the room if family is having private talks. It is believed that the cat might spread the gossip all over the town and the family secrets will be out.
  8. In Ireland, killing a cat will bring you 17 years of bad luck.
  9. In Japan, if you spot a black cat crossing your way, it means good luck to you. So when a black cat crosses your way next time, say “Konichiwa” to take control of your own luck.

If good, one is happy, but if it is bad one tends to get fearful. Positive thoughts should be reinforced with belief that one’s resolve to live life fearlessly should become prime most with surrender to the universal laws in operation. Determined attitude is all that counts.

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