Rented house vastu: 7 tips to correct vastu of your rented house

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Rented house vastu: 7 tips to correct vastu of your rented house

When you are looking for a house or an apartment to rent, it is very difficult and almost impossible to find completely vastu compliant one. Nowadays, houses are build to budget and available space, rather than making them vastu compliant.

Vastu is very important but one can’t make big changes to a temporary home also you are restricted to moderate rented house or apartment as per property owners. Therefore we are suggesting few tips to correct vastu of your rented house or apartment.

1. Create a pooja room: A pooja room is a sacred space that brings a lot of positive energy into home. Find a space in the North East corner of your rented house where you can create a pooja space. Even a shelf in that direction is fine.

2. Keep the entrance suitable for energy to flow in: When you enter the home through the main door, you should not see a blank wall as it is believed to block positive energy flowing into the house. As you are in a rented house and can’t go for a modification, just place an idol of lord Ganesha or hang a yantra symbol to correct the energy flow. When you enter a home through the main door, the first thing that you see sh

3. Check the doors: All the doors must open inward to attract positive energy. They should operate smoothly. Inspect all the doors to ensure that they open inward. Oil the hinges regularly so that they don’t creak. Fill up the cracks in the doors immediately.

4. Replace leaking taps: Check all the taps regularly to ensure that there are no leaks or continuous drips as wastage of water is believed to flush out energy from the home.
5. Select a suitable dining place: Choose a space for dining space in the Souh-West part of your rented home.

6. Find a right place for heavy items: To maximise the energy-flow in the home, place heavy furniture such as beds and large cup boards in the south-west direction of the home as this is an area that should not be left empty.

7. Light a lamp every evening: Light the lamp preferably near a tulsi plant or a pot of clean water. This will keep negative energies away from home.

Yes! There are many other ways to make your rented house vastu compliant, still these are the easiest and most economical to implement.

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