7 Vastu Tips on Pets

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7 Vastu Tips on Pets

Since ages human and pets relationship has been found interesting. People owning pets love and care for them just like one of their family members. Many people understand the emotions and mental communications of pets and it happens vice versa.

Case studies in the last twenty years shows some relevancy of vastu guidelines for pets. Case studies revealed that the pets kept in certain directions, either got ill or their behaviour became highly anxious. While few other directions made them healthy affectionate and less attention demanding. Below are few tips from documented case studies.

  1. Keep dogs, cattle in the North-West, North, East. As they remain cheerful, healthy and well-behaved when kept in these directions.
  2. Parrot should be placed in the North, East and North-East to keep them healthy, active and active throughout their life.
  3. Avoid having cats as pets as it is not a faithful animal if we go purely by its qualities. Therefore, it can bring a lot of negativity into the house.
  4. If you have an eagle as a pet, keep them in South-West direction. It makes them highly intellectual and sharp visioned.
  5. Keeping the aquarium in the North-East gives fishes a healthy and longer life. Also it reduces anxiety and depression of the occupants of the house.
  6. Pigeons should not build a nest your home or avoid having Pigeon as a pet. It is not considered good. Feed pigeons in a open ground or field as feeding them brings wealth to you.
  7. Avoid keeping horses in North-East, South-West, South and North-West to keep them healthy and attentive to your commands.

Of course, there are many suggestions based on the animals you have as pets. These tips are for few pet animals that are common or becoming popular these days.

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