Vaastu Tips for Room Colours

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Vaastu Tips for Room Colours

What if I tell you that colours around us play an important role in our well being, harmony, success and happiness? Yes! According to Vaastu colour play an important role to bring balance in our minds and bodies. Colours stimulate energies.

Colours of every room, in home, office, shop, and factories should match the colours of respective planets related with those particular directions they face. Each colour is linked with a specific part of human body and will affect mentally, physically and emotionally. Though we are not aware of it, colours influence us. And it is scientifically proven. Our mood, happiness, health all are affected by the colours around us.

Colour Scheme for each direction of the house


Ruling Planet






Saturn ( Shani )







Corel Red



Golden Yellow



Shades of Brown, Pink



Silver White





The colour schemes are chosen according to the direction of the building or room faces. Each direction is associated with a particular colour, which is actually the colour of the planet governing that direction. Hence rooms must be painted with specific colour matching the direction.

Every colour has specific properties and uniqueness that influence our minds, moods, behaviour and even lifestyle also. Considering all the facts we recommend the colour schemes for house as the following. Light shades of the colours are preferred for house instead of bright.

Colour for Kitchen: The white is the best colour for kitchen. Yellow, Orange and Red colour shades are also good for kitchen. Orange colour indicates power and healing. It increases craving for food.

Colour for drawing room or living room: Yellow is the best colour for living room. As per the direction of the hall you can also use light orange, light green and light blue.

Colour for bedroom: For master bedroom pink suits best. You can also use light brown and light blue as these represents hope and cultivation. Lighter shades of lavender keeps the peace at room and brings good sleep. Use pink or cream coloured tiles or marbles for floor.

Colour for Children study room or Bedroom: Use Green colour as it encourages concentration and which in turn makes them good at studies. Shades of pink, blue, yellow, orange or purple are also suitable.

Colour for dining room: Blue is perfect. Green and pink are also suitable. As being this is a family room these colours stimulates the mind and calms down violence.

Colour for Bath room and Toilets: White is the ideal colour for Bathroom and Toilets. Light grey, pink or any pastel shade is also suitable. Use colours as per the direction of toilet.

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