Your Money Blueprint: Third Influence–the Specific Incidents

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Your Money Blueprint: Third Influence–the Specific Incidents

The third primary way in which we are conditioned is by specific incidents.

What did you experience when you were young around money, wealth, and rich people?

These experiences are extremely important because they shape the beliefs–or rather, the illusions–you now live by.

I have a friend who had excellent income, but somehow always spent all of her income. When I worked with her, she revealed that one of specific incidents. When she was 11 yrs old, she remembers at a restaurant with her parents. Her mom and dad were having yet another bitter argument about money. Her dad stood up, screaming and slamming his fist on the table. Then suddenly he fell on the floor from a heart attack. Her father died in her arms.

And so, from that day forth, her mind linked money with pain. It’s no wonder then that as an adult, she subconsciously got rid of all of her money in an effort to get rid of her pain. It’s also interesting to note that she became nurse. Why? Is it possible that she was still trying to save her dad?

Of course, I helped her to identify her old money blueprint and revise it. Today she is well on her way to becoming Financially Free. She is also not a nurse anymore. It’s not that she didn’t enjoy her job. It’s just that she was in the nursing profession for the wrong reason. She is now a financial planner, still helping people, but this time one-on-one, to understand how their past programming runs every aspect of their financial lives.

Tomorrow I will reveal some more interesting incidents in my own life and how it impacted my conditioning about money. So keep connected. Also feel free to share these messages with people you really care about without any addition or deletion. Till then…

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