The 5 Major Benefits of Pranayama

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benefits of pranayama

The 5 Major Benefits of Pranayama

Pranayama is a Sanskrit word which literally translates into “extension of the prana or breath”. It is a part of Yoga system that teaches you the art of extending your breath in different ways. It teaches the skillful inhaling and exhaling and to change the depth, rate and pattern of breathing.

“Breathing is the physical part of thinking and thinking is the psychological part of breathing” – Ayurveda. Below are the 5 major benefits of Pranayama.

1. Lowered rate of Breathing: Using Pranayama, you can teach yourself on how to breathe deeply and slowly. This can help you reduce your breathing rate from 15 breaths per minute to 5 or 6 breaths. It relaxes your body’s nerves and tensions.

2. Increased Life Span: Acoording to philosophy of yoga, longevity of of life depends on breathing rate. A lower breathing rate can increase your life span.

3. Improves blood circulation: Breathing is the process in which the blood exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen. The oxygenated blood during inhalation travels from the lungs and then to the heart. Heart is the one that pumps the blood through blood vessels and arteries of the body. Because of this, the blood circulation can be improved. More cosmic energy, prana can reach the various parts of the body.

4. Healthy Heart: One of the most hard working organs is the Heart. Heart beats, in an average, 70 times per minute. It pumps blood “day in” and “day out” non-stop throughout your life. Having more oxygen in your blood reduces the heartbeats required to supply oxygenated blood thereby reducing the load on heart.

5. Improved Mental Health: Pranayama provides you the freedom from any harmful and negative mental conditions such as depression, anger, lasciviousness, arrogance, excessive want for money and more. By practicing pranayam, you can control mind fluctuations and prepare yourself for deep meditation.

Hope you enjoyed reading benefits of Pranayama 🙂

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