How can you be happy in spite of having difficulties in life?

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How can you be happy in spite of having difficulties in life?

Being Happy or Unhappy is really a CHOICE that you make, in spite of the circumstances. When you understand that your soul and universe are there to always help you and guide you to lead a better life; being happy becomes a natural choice.

No one in this planet has a life without problems and difficulties. What occurs to one as problems and difficulties may occur to another as an opportunity.

Just remember,

Even your worst days have only 24 hours.

Do not hate the difficulties, meet them with grace for they are here to help you grow.

Difficulty is not the difficulty but your attitude towards it.

Stop over thinking you will create a problem that wasn’t there in the first place.

People who choose to look for better in every situation whether good or bad are the ones who know happiness is just a choice. If you choose to ask after every thing that shows up in your life – HOW DOES IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS? you will start getting happier in ways you never been before.

Keep going, be happy as happiness is not a feeling but your state of mind and you have the power to change it anytime you want.

I hope you enjoyed reading. Share it and be the reason for others enlightenment. 🙂

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