The 4 Aspects of Mind

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The 4 Aspects of Mind

The four aspects of human mind are collectively referred as the chatush-anthakarna, the four seats of thoughts and feelings.

They are:

  • Manas (mind)
  • Buddhi (intelligence)
  • Chitta (consciousness)
  • Ahamkara (conception of one’s individuality)

Any desire or thought first springs in our mind. If we don’t do anything about it the thought ends right there. This is the lifespan of the thought.

But, if we are unable to let go of that thought, it is passed onto our consciousness.

We then start to deliberate and cogitate on the thought, reflecting on its pros and cons, its benefits and costs.

Consciousness, though, can’t make a decision on its own. Once we are done with the deliberation, the thought is passed onto the the third aspect of our mind, that is intelligence.

Intelligence makes the final decision whether we are going to pursue our thoughts or not.

If we decide to turn our thought into our reality, it gets passed on to the ego, our sense of individual existence. Our ego drives us to create and guard our individuality.

That’s the process of converting the thought into reality.

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