Learn to be motivated internally rather than using external motivation; for getting permanent solutions.

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Learn to be motivated internally rather than using external motivation; for getting permanent solutions.

Last week I wrote about two types of motivating factors. And left you with a choice to discover how to convert an external motivation into an internal motivation.

The process is really simple. Did you know the first step to solve any problem is to first become aware of the fact that there is a problem?

Next step is to acknowledge that the problem exists.

Once you are aware and acknowledge that you have a problem; you have a choice to do something about it or let the problem continue unattended.

The moment you are aware and acknowledge that you have an external motivation factor, simply take a moment and think.

Let’s imagine, you are employed in an organization and you are given deadlines to complete projects. And when you complete the projects in time; you expect the reward for that. The reward here is your external motivations. But have you ever thought, if you learn to complete projects on time irrespective of the company sponsored lunch or celebrations what will get created for you. Over the years you would have developed yourself as a dependable expert automatically raising your market value much much more than the price of the company sponsored lunch or bonus prize.

Now let’s look at another scenario. You are in love with another person and to get his/her approval you have started regular gymming. Here the person you love is an external motivation factor. If that person goes away from your life; you will automatically stop going to gym.

Instead, how about realizing that when you are in good shape; and physically fit; so many avenues for enjoyment of life will open up for you. Even if the person you are madly in love decides to move away; when you continue to gymming and being physically fit; many other persons will get attracted to you. And who knows, you might just find a better person.

Now does this mean, you must never have external motivation factor?
The answer is plain NO. We all love to imitate our elders, and have our favourite sports person, cine-star, teacher, leader, parents and elder siblings as our source of inspiration. The point I am making is, while go ahead and have them as your hero and heroines, always remember that it is your own choice to want to become like them. And also get present to the advantages for self with or without them. Learn to take 100% responsibility for the choices you make in your life.

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