Most people think that they have a birth right to do things or take actions when they want it.

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Most people think that they have a birth right to do things or take actions when they want it. And these people act only when they feel like it; not when they should have.

And what is the result?

Mostly it is misery, frustration and experience of having missed the opportunities.

Law of flight

It’s a simple common sense that if you have a flight scheduled at 10 am, you can’t be starting from home at 10.30 am. You will surely miss your flight.


Yet most of us don’t apply this simple understanding in our lives.

I keep meeting hundreds of people who miss their flight of marriage, having children, having great relationship, having a great health… the list is endless.

With the modern infrastructure and metro cities; many children never have an opportunity to understand the law of farming which is the most profound and most basic natural law of life.

If you ask the farmer, he will tell you that in farming there are various activities that needs to be done. And you must do them in the order and within the stipulated time in order to reap the benefits.

The cows, for example, must be milked daily.

The ground must be prepared for planting during the summer…

Seeds must be planted just before the rains.

Then you must nurture the plants till they grow fully.

If needed, you must remove the weeds. Supply the manoeuvre etc.

You don’t really have a choice to do these things as per your whims and fancies. All these actions must be taken as scheduled.

And did you know, once the crop is ready for harvesting; mother nature gives a very narrow window of time for harvesting. You must work day and night to complete the harvesting in time; else your entire years efforts simply go waste.

The same principles apply in our human lives. There are life principles; you cannot and must not ignore; if you want to experience successful and meaningful life.

Learn to do things when they are supposed to be done; not when you want to do it.

Do you remember, during schooling we were able to study eight subjects daily, play sports, go for picnic, have cultural programmes and achieve many more things. Have you ever wondered how were you able to do all this?

Simply, because you had a set time-table for all activities. Yet, most of us resist it so much that we simply remove the time table from our lives after we graduate from the school.

Point is; have a time-table for everything that you want to achieve in your life. And then simply follow your time table. I call it the Law of Timetable. And the best part is, you are the author of this time table. But when you create your time table; never ignore the fundamental laws of farming.

May God be with you. May you wake up early morning before the sunrise, may you study well, may you get married at the right age, may you have a great family and great career. May you contribute to society. May you lead a highly successful and happy and powerful life.

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