What are dentures?

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Tomorrow on August 2, 2017 my Dad is completing his 88 years of life.

After retirement, as a Block Education Officer, he chose to use his entire pension to build a Durga Mata Temple in Balaghat. We all laughed at his idea when he first announced it. But over 17 years; he has managed to build the Temple and he has been living in that temple.

All this became possible because several years ago when mom and dad visited Tajmahal, I believe, mom said only kings could build something like this for their wives. And dad promised her, he would build a Durga Mata temple in her memory.

I am truly proud of my dad. I am equally grateful to universe that my family and I have a privilege to be with him on his 89th Birthday.

Recently when I took him to Dentist to check out the possibilities of getting him permanent fixed dentures; I came to know several things about importance of having Teeth and why must we take care of our teeth in a timely manner.

1. Most of us think that loosing all teeth in old age is natural phenomenon. And we are right. But the problem lies and keep on increasing when we don’t do anything about it.

2. It is better to visit dentist once in 6 months regularly even when everything seems to be fine and getting timely prevention done than discovering at age 88 the cost of fixed dentures would be Rs. 4.5 lakhs or more.

3. When you visit the dentist regularly your life-time bill may not cross Rs. 1 lakh. Plus you would be living a healthy life.

4. Now, let us look at the health problems that happen due to no teeth.

When you have less or no teeth, you will not be able to chew food correctly. This leads to indigestion and constipation. That in turn could result in severe health issues.

5. When you don’t have teeth, your lower jaw closes more on the upper fixed jaw. It puts pressure on your wind pipe and you will experience difficulties in breathing.

6. Even to make new implants, you must be able to open your mouth wide enough for the drilling machines to operate.

So point, I am trying to make is take care of teeth regularly right from childhood. Visit the dentist at least once in 6 months, get your teeth cleaned up and get professional advice from dentist. Your per trip cost may not go up beyond Rs. 500 to Rs. 1K.

Regular tips on maintaining healthy teeth and gums will relieve you from lot of other health issues too.

Did you know that primary purpose of brushing teeth is simply removing the food particles stuck between your teeth and not to polish your teeth? If the food particles are not removed in a timely manner, they rot and create harmful germs.

Remember, stitch in time saves nine. So stop procratination and visit your dentist today.

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