Are you manufacturing your own unhappiness?

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Are you manufacturing your own unhappiness?

There are so many problems created by life itself that dilute our happiness. In such a case, it is indeed most foolish to distil further unhappiness within your own mind.

Most people manufacture own unhappiness by thinking unhappy thoughts, by negative attitudes and by negative feelings that everything is going to turn out badly. Some even fill their minds with thoughts like, other people are getting what they don’t deserve and I am failing to get what I really deserve.

Our unhappiness is further distilled by saturating the consciousness with feelings of resentment, ill-will, hatred, fear and worry.

Do you know that you can simply choose to be happy consciously moment by moment? It’s just a choice that you make.

Over the period, you can make it a habit to be happy. The happiness habit is developed by simply practicing happy thinking.

Make a mental list of happy thoughts and then pass through your mind several times everyday.

Every morning before arising, lie relaxed in bed and deliberately think of happy thoughts. Let a series of pictures pass through your mind about the happy experiences you expect to have during the day. Savour their joy. Such thoughts will help cause events to turn out that way.

Before you get out of the bed say this aloud three times, “This is the day which God has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it. Repeat it in a strong clear voice with positive tone and emphasis.

Repeat this again three times before your breakfast and meditate on the meaning od the words.

You can even keep saying aloud throughout the day while doing mundane works such as shaving, bathing, eating etc.: “I believe this is going to be a wonderful day. I believe that I can successfully handle all problems that will arise today. I feel good physically, mentally and emotionally. It is wonderful to be alive. I am grateful for all that I have and for all that I shall have. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Remember, nothing happens until you take action.

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