Self-Healing Principle 1 of 9: The Principle of Self Respect

Something More Magnificent is Coming to YOU!

Something More Magnificent is Coming to YOU! So often when things change in our lives, we have such a resistence to change.This is because when people see a big change appearing they are often fearful that it is something bad. But it is important to...

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If you are looking for LOVE

If you are looking for LOVE, the best chance you have of finding absolute happiness with the perfect person (whoever that may be) is when you surrender to the Universe.Allow the Universe to bring the true love of your life to you, and to move you to them....

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Self-Healing Principle 1 of 9: The Principle of Self Respect

When you have self respect, you won’t tolerate being rushed. Even when under pressure, you manage to remain deliberate.

You savour each moment and come to your own conclusions when and how it feels right for you.

You honour the world by truly perceiving it. You honour yourself by allowing the space and time you need, in all your endeavours.

In this way, every moment of your life becomes an invitation for self-discovery and an opportunity for the recognition of the Truth.

The first step towards self-healing of either emotional imbalances or physical ailments is to slow down.

As you slow down, you have a chance to perceive what is really happening in your life. You can then better observe and understand your inner state of being and its mirror-your outer situation in life. Such understanding gives you the opportunity to take responsibility and initiate the actions necessary to alter whatever is bothering you.

Illness most often arises when you’re too busy to pay attention to the signals that point to where your true priorities lie. For example: The two main reasons for “catching” a cold are:

  • You are carrying a lot of grief or anger and have suppressed your need to cry, and;
  • You have submitted your body to too much stress, a deluge of toxins such as: air pollutants, alcohol, drugs, too much or unhealthy food.

All of these in concert with excess stress and/or lack of rest all exhaust the immune system, which now needs to purge itself.

When you slow down your pace, all of a sudden it becomes possible to feel your feelings again; the very ones you were ignoring in the first place.

So, slow down consciously to heal yourself.

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