Seven Lies of Success

Something More Magnificent is Coming to YOU!

Something More Magnificent is Coming to YOU! So often when things change in our lives, we have such a resistence to change.This is because when people see a big change appearing they are often fearful that it is something bad. But it is important to...

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Is this a thought YOU hold?

Is this a thought YOU hold? "I have no money to give, but when I have money then I will give."If it is, you will never have money.The fastest way to attract anything is to give it to another. So if it is money you want to attract, then give it. You can...

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If you are looking for LOVE

If you are looking for LOVE, the best chance you have of finding absolute happiness with the perfect person (whoever that may be) is when you surrender to the Universe.Allow the Universe to bring the true love of your life to you, and to move you to them....

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Seven Lies of Success

The word Lies used here doesn’t mean to be deceitful or dishonest. It simply is an invitation to have an open mind to other possibilities and continuous learning.

  1. Everything happens for a reason and a purpose, and it serves us.Think about it in your own life. I can assure you that people who produce outstanding results think this way. Come to think of it, if in 2008, if I didn’t have a severe arthritis attack, that forced me to be bedridden for almost two months; I would never think of serving you as a Numerologist. Thankfully today I have served over 17000 customers and published books on Numerology.
  2. There is no such thing as a failure. There are only results. Most people are programmed to fear this thing called failure. Yet, all of us can think of times when we wanted one thing and got another. Think about it, what is the one asset, one benefit you have today over yesterday? It’s called experience. Successful people learn to look at their failures as experience and keep trying till they succeed.
  3. Whatever happens, take responsibility. All successful people believe that we generate our experiences in life -either by behavior or by thought, and that we can learn from all of them.

Come back tomorrow to read the remaining lies.

Do use it. Experience it for yourself and then feel free to share it with everyone in your life.

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