Did you know about the Seven Emotional Centers within your body?

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Did you know about the Seven Emotional Centers within your body?

A group of organs in the human body whose health is connected to the same emotional issues is referred to as an emotional center

1: Bones, Joints, Blood, Immune System, and Skin

The health of the first emotional center depends on your feeling safe in the world.

2: Bladder, Reproductive Organs, Lower Back, and Hips

The second emotional center is all about love and money. If you aren’t able to bring balance between these two areas of life, you will be prone to health problems of the bladder, reproductive organs, lower back, or hips.

3: Digestive System, Weight, Adrenal Glands, Pancreas, and Addiction

Health in the third emotional center is all about an individual’s sense of self and how they fulfill responsibilities to others. There is a lack of self-esteem and an inability to balance inner needs with outer responsibilities.

4: Heart, Lungs, and Breasts

The secret to mastering health in your fourth emotional center is learning how to express your own needs and emotions while also taking into consideration the needs and emotions of others. It’s a matter of give and take. Those who are not in touch with their emotions tend toward heart problems; those who are overwhelmed by their emotions often experience lung issues.

5: Mouth, Neck, and Thyroid

The health of the fifth emotional center indicates how well you communicate in your life. If you struggle to communicate–whether the difficulty is not listening to others or not expressing yourself effectively– you likely have health issues in the areas of the mouth, neck, and thyroid. The key to health in the fifth emotional center is finding a balance in how you communicate in your day-to-day interactions.

6: Brain, Eyes, and Ears

Health in the sixth emotional center depends on how well you are able to take in information from all realms and use this information in your life. It depends on how flexible your mind-set is and how you can learn from perspectives different from your own. To create health here, you need to be able to bend and sway with the winds of change.

7: Chronic and Degenerative Disorders and Life-Threatening Illnesses

To move toward health in the seventh emotional center involves overcoming a lifelong emotional pattern of hopelessness and despair. The negative thoughts and behaviors involve fear, worry, hopelessness, and feeling that you are not good enough. It’s about finding your life’s purpose and a spiritual connection at the same time.

The ailment you experience depends on the type of thought pattern or behavior that underlies it. When you learn to identify and examine the messages your body is sending you, you will be on your way to true healing.

Are you listening to what your body is communicating to you?

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