How to consciously reduce your weight while relishing the food you really crave for?

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How to consciously reduce your weight while relishing the food you really crave for?

Remember, why do crave about the food? Be it Paneer Kaju Masala or Mutton Rogan Josh or Chicken Biriyani.

It’s just for the taste. And where do you get the taste? Only in the mouth, that too on the tounge only. Once the food gets inside the food pipe, there is no taste. So why hurry?

Now onwards, remember this while enjoying your favorite meal. Just pick up the smaller size piece and relish the taste of it, taking your time and chewing it slowly. Focus only on the chewing and reslishing the taste.

Switch off your smartphone just before you sit for food or keep it on aeroplane mode. There shall be no emergency while you are relishing your lunch.

Similarly, avoid reading any newspaper or magazine or watching TV while you are having a meal. They will rob your fun out of relishing your meal.

When you learn to enjoy chewing the smaller bites slowly and carefully, you will have a complete satisfaction of eating your favorite food. At the same time, you will find that by eating the smaller portions for about 20 minutes, you will feel full.

The great news is you can eat your favorite food, using the above method, in smaller portions, up to six times in 24 hours with a gap of minimum 2 hrs.

While eating the favorite food, avoid diluting the taste by drinking water. Just enjoy the taste of the food by chewing smaller sized bite.

If you must, drink as much water as you want, 45 minutes after the meal.

One of the biggest reason for diabetes is eating non-vegetarian food and eating in the restaurant more often. Learn to enjoy the vegetarian meal at home. You must invest minimum 30 minutes for each meal. Enjoy and relish your favorite food.

When you practice this, you will automatically loose extra weight.

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