Art of getting people to say YES to you: Part 2 of 2

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Art of getting people to say YES to you: Part 2 of 2

  1. Give them a choice between two yesses
    It simply means getting people to choose between saying yes to you one way or saying yes to you another way. Either way they choose, they’re saying yes to you.
    For example: If you want an appointment with Mr. Hegde-
    “Would this afternoon be satisfactory, Mr. Hegde, or Do you prefer tomorrow morning or afternoon?”
    Notice, you are giving him a choice of times to see you — a choice of yesses
    Another example:
    “Do you want the black or do you want the white?”
    Wrong way: “Do you want one of these?”
    Remember, this method may fail sometimes, however, it works a good deal of time.
    Several years ago, when my daughter was just about 3 years old and I was trying to get her to drink Bournvita. I tried to shift her focus from Bournvita and asked her, “Which cup would you prefer to drink Bournvita from — Red or White?”
    “I don’t want to drink Bournvita?” was her response.
  2. Expect people to say YES to you and let them know that they are expected to say YES.
    When you expect people to say YES to you, that is confidence. However, this goes further than confidence — one step further. You let them know. You definitely give them the impression, that they are expected to say YES.
    Almost everyone starts off in neutral and can be led. Many never doubt or waver doing things what you want, once you let them know it is expected of them.

This is an excellent psychology and will be easy to practice after first few successes.

Remember to share your success stories with me.

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