Art of giving a critical feedback and getting the desired results

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Art of giving a critical feedback and getting the desired results

The key to successful critiques lies in the spirit of the critiques. If you critique mostly to “tell the other person off.” or “to give him a piece of your mind,” then you will only get the satisfaction of venting your spleen and the other person’s resentment as no one enjoys being critiqued.

However, if you are interested in corrective action and desired results, you can accomplish much with your critique if you choose the right way.

The 7 musts for Successful Criticism:

  1. The criticism must invariably be made in absolute privacy. No doors open, no raising of voice, nobody listening.
  2. Preface criticism with a kind word or compliment. Create a friendly atmosphere — soften the blow. Kiss them before you kick them.
  3. Make the criticism impersonal. Criticize the act, not the person.
  4. Supply the answer. When you tell someone what he is doing is wrong, also explain him how to do it right? or What is expected of him?
  5. Ask for cooperation. Don’t demand it. It’s a proven fact that you will get more cooperation from people, if you ask them for it than if you demand it. Demanding must be the last resort measure.
  6. One criticism per offense. The most justified criticism is justified just once.
  7. Finish the criticism on a Friendly note. Finish on a note of, “We’re friends, we have solved our problems. Let’s work together and help each other.”

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