How Visualization works to enhance performance

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How Visualization works to enhance performance

When you visualize your goals as already complete each and every day, it creates a conflict between what you are visualizing and what you currently have. Your subconscious mind tries to resolve that conflict by turning your current reality into the new more exciting vision.

This conflict, when intensified over time through constant visualization, actually causes three things to happen:

  1. It programs your brain’s RAS to start letting into your awareness anything that will help you achieve your goals.
  2. It activates your subconscious mind to create solutions for getting the goals you want. You will start waking up in the morning with new ideas. You will find yourself having ideas while in the bathroom, while you are taking a long walk, and while you are driving to work.
  3. It creates new levels of motivation. You will start to notice you are unexpectedly doing things that take you to your goals.

All of a sudden, you are raising your hand in class, volunteering to take new assignment at work, speaking out at staff meetings, asking more directly for what you want, saving money for the things that you want, paying down credit card debt, or taking more risk in your personal life.

The RAS is a powerful tool. Your creative subconscious can only think in pictures. When you give your brain specific, colorful, and vividly compelling pictures to manifest— it will seek out and capture the information necessary to bring that picture into reality for you.

If you give your mind a Rs. 1 crore problem, it will come up with a Rs. 1 crore solution. If you give it pictures of a beautiful home, an adoring spouse, an exciting career, and exotic vacations, it will go to work on achieving those. By contrast, if you are constantly feeding it negative, fearful, and anxious pictures — guess what? — it will achieve those too.

So dream big and start visualizing your goals every day.

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