What you say about others matters

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What you say about others matters

If we look back through history, all the world’s highest and most respected beings and spiritual teachers have warned us against gossip and judgement of others. It’s because they knew how damaging untruth really is.

Wars have been started over words. People have been killed because of words. Deals have been lost because of the words.
Marriages have been destroyed because of words.

Not only that, but gossip and judgement affect you too, because you end up releasing a poison into the river of energy that is set up to bring you that which you truly want.

Even without any words being spoken, others can pick up your negative, judgemental, and critical energy toward them. Then, what you say about others had a way of finding it’s way back to the person you are taking about.

So, when you gossip about another person, it

  1. Brings you down in a moment.
  2. Focuses your attention on what you don’t want in your life — rather than creating, more of what you do want.
  3. It literally wastes your breath. You could be using your mental and verbal power of your words on abundance instead.

To speak with more impeccability when addressing others,

√ Make a commitment to be impeccable in your speech when talking to others.

√ Make an effort to appreciate something about every person you interact with.

√ Make a commitment to tell the truth, as best as you can, in all of your interactions and dealing with others.

√ Make it the intention of every interaction with others that you uplift them in some small way. Notice how you feel when you do that.

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