Are you justifying the lack of money in your life?

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Are you justifying the lack of money in your life?

Are you justifying the lack of money in your life?

I find many people justifying or rationalizing their situation by saying something like “Money is not really important.”

Let me ask you this question: If you said that your spouse, or your boyfriend/ girlfriend, or your partner or your friend, weren’t all that important, would any of them be around for long? I don’t think so, and neither would money! Think.

In my business, some people always come up to me and say, “You know Govind, money’s not really that important.” I look them directly in their eyes and say, “You are broke! Right!” They usually look down at their feet and meekly reply something like “Well, right now, I am having a few financial challenges, but…”. I interrupt, “No, it’s not just right now, it’s always; you have always been broke or close to it, yes or yes? At this point, they usually nod their heads in agreement.

Of course they’re broke. Would you have a motorcycle if it wasn’t important to you? Of course not.

Would you have a pet parrot or cat or dog if it wasn’t important to you? Of course not.

In the same way, if you don’t think money is important, you simply won’t have any.

Do you think, it’s time to rethink about your beliefs about money? Do share your thoughts with me. On request, I will share with you, a simple trick that would help you attract money in your life. If you have no job, I will give you a Mantra. Chant the mantra daily for 108 times, and soon you will start receiving job offers.

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