Could illness be caused by negative emotion?

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Could illness be caused by negative emotion

Could illness be caused by negative emotion?

Yes, sickness or illness, or lack of Well-Being, occurs when you vibrationally disallow your alignment with Well-Being.

Whenever you experience negative emotion (fear, doubt, frustration, loneliness and so on), that feeling of negative emotion was the result of your thinking a thought that didn’t vibrate at a frequency that was in harmony with your Inner Being.

Through all of your life experiences — physical and Non-Physical — your Inner Being, or the Total You, has evolved to a place of knowing. And so, whenever you are consciously focused upon a thought that doesn’t harmonize with that which your Inner Being has come to know — the resultant feeling within you will be one of negative emotion.

If you were to sit on your foot and cut off the circulation of the flow of blood, or if you were to put a tourniquet around your neck and restrict the flow of oxygen, you would feel immediate evidence of restriction.

In the like manner, when you think thoughts that are not in harmony with the thoughts of your Inner Being, the flow of Life Force, or Energy, that comes into your physical body is stiffled or restricted — and the result of that restriction is that you feel negative emotion.

When you allow that negative emotion to continue over a long period of time, you often experience deterioration of your physical body.

So, be careful of your thoughts.

Feel free to share with me your learning from this message and what specific actions are you taking now onwards to express yourself fully.

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