How to use a Positive Aspects Bedtime Process effectively

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How to use a Positive Aspects Bedtime Process effectively?

How to use a Positive Aspects Bedtime Process effectively?

Your action orientation in life causes you to believe that it takes hard work to make things happen, but as you learn to deliberately direct your thoughts, you will discover that there is tremendous leverage and power in your thought.

As you focus more consistently only in the direction of what you desire than diluting the power of your thought by thinking of the wanted, and then the unwanted, you will understand, from your personal experience, what I mean.

Because of your action orientation, you often try too hard and work too hard. As a result of that, most of you bring yourself more to the attention of what is wrong (or more to the attention of what needs to be fixed) than you do to the attention of what you desire.

Here is a good way to apply the Process of Positive Aspects at bedtime: Once you are in your bed,try to recall some of the most pleasant things that happened during the day. Since many things have undoubtedly happened during this day, you may have to ponder for a little while, and you may remember some less-than-pleasant things that happened — but stick to your intention of finding something pleasing, and when you find it, ponder it.

Prime your positive pump by saying things such as: “The thing I liked about that was … My favorite part of that was …”

Follow any positive thread that you find, thinking about the best part of your day; and then, once you are feeling the effect of your positive thoughts, focus on your dominant intention right now: getting a good night’s sleep and awakening refreshed in the morning.

Say to yourself, “I am going to sleep now; and while I am sleeping, because my thoughts will be inactive, attraction will stop and my physical body will be completely refreshed at every level.”

Turn your attention to the immediate things around you, like the comfort of your bed, the softness of your pillow, the Well-being of your moment. And then softly set forth the intention: I will sleep well, and I will awaken refreshed with another new, good-feeling, positive point of attraction. And then off to sleep.

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