I know how I want to feel

Something More Magnificent is Coming to YOU!

Something More Magnificent is Coming to YOU! So often when things change in our lives, we have such a resistence to change.This is because when people see a big change appearing they are often fearful that it is something bad. But it is important to...

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Is this a thought YOU hold?

Is this a thought YOU hold? "I have no money to give, but when I have money then I will give."If it is, you will never have money.The fastest way to attract anything is to give it to another. So if it is money you want to attract, then give it. You can...

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If you are looking for LOVE

If you are looking for LOVE, the best chance you have of finding absolute happiness with the perfect person (whoever that may be) is when you surrender to the Universe.Allow the Universe to bring the true love of your life to you, and to move you to them....

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I know how I want to feel

I know how I want to feel

Sometimes when you are in the midst of an uncomfortable situation, you struggle to find any positive aspects within it.

Some things are intolerable; some things are so big and so bad that it doesn’t seem possible for you to find anything positive about them, but that is because you are attempting to take too large of a jump from the awfulness of what you are focused upon to the solution that you desire.

In other words, if you want to find an action solution right now that will fix this but you will find yourself in a situation where no action that you can take seems appropriate, always remember that while there may not be a positive aspect to your action in this moment — while you may not be able to figure out what to do that would make you feel better — you always know how you want to feel.

It’s a bit like someone saying, “I’ve just jumped out of an airplane, and I have no parachute. What should I do now?”

There are situations where, given the current circumstances, there’s no action or thought, at this point, will make a significant enough difference to change the outcome that is barreling upon you. And in the same way that sometimes you cannot find any action that will fix things, there’s no thought that will immediately change it either.

But if you understand the power of your thought and the incredible leverage that consistently good-feeling thoughts provide, and you begin deliberately choosing your thoughts by utilising the guidance that your feelings or emotions indicate, you can easily transform your life into predominantly good-feeling experiences by focusing upon the improved feeling.

If you are able to find even the smallest feeling of relief in a deliberately chosen thought — your gentle path toward your solution will begin.

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