The Six Basic Fears

Is this a thought YOU hold?

Is this a thought YOU hold? "I have no money to give, but when I have money then I will give."If it is, you will never have money.The fastest way to attract anything is to give it to another. So if it is money you want to attract, then give it. You can...

If you are looking for LOVE

If you are looking for LOVE, the best chance you have of finding absolute happiness with the perfect person (whoever that may be) is when you surrender to the Universe.Allow the Universe to bring the true love of your life to you, and to move you to them....

The Six Basic Fears

Did you know that fears are nothing more than a state of mind? And your state of mind is subject to control and direction.

At the bottom of most of one’s worries are:

✓ The fear of Poverty
✓ The fear of Criticism and
✓ The fear of Ill Health

The other three fears that are of minor importance include:

✓ The fear of Loss of Love of someone
✓ The fear of Old Age
✓ The fear of Death

If it is true that all thoughts have a tendency to clothe themselves in their physical equivalent, it is equally true that thought impulses of fear and poverty cannot be translated into terms of courage and financial gain.

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