Food is a gift!

It’s a gift of nature because there would be nothing for any of us to eat if nature didn’t supply us with the soil, nutrients, and water to grow food. Without water, there would be no food, vegetation, animals, or human life.

We use water to cook our meals, grow our food, maintain our gardens, supply our bathrooms, sustain every vehicle that moves, support our hospitals, fuel mining, and manufacturing industries, enable transportation, make our roads, make clothes and every consumer product and appliances on the planet, make plastic, glass, and metal, make life-saving medications, and build our homes and every other building and structure.

And water keeps our bodies alive. Water, water, water, glorious water!

Where would we be without food and water? We simply wouldn’t be here. None of our family and friends would be here either. We wouldn’t have this day, or any tomorrow.

But here we are on this beautiful planet, together, living life with its challenges and ecstatic joys, because of nature’s gifts of food and water! To say the simple, magic words, thank you, before you eat or drink anything is an act of recognition and gratitude for the miracle of food and water.

The incredible thing is that when you are grateful for food and water, it doesn’t just affect your life; your gratitude also impacts the world’s supply. If enough people felt gratitude for food and water, it would actually help people who are starving and in great need.

By the Law of Attraction, and Newton’s Law of Action and Reaction, the action of mass gratitude must produce an equal mass reaction, which would change the circumstances of scarcity of food and water for everyone in the planet.

In addition, your gratitude for food and water keeps the magic continuing in your life, and it will weave its glorious golden thread through everything that is dear to you, everything that you love, and everything that you are dreaming of.

So start practicing gratitude when you eat or drink anything.

to be continued.