To be grateful for your bills

To be grateful for your bills, think about how much you have benefitted from the service or goods on the bills.

If it’s payment for rent or a mortgage, be grateful that you have a home, and you are living in it.

What if the only way you could live in a home was by saving up all the money and paying cash for it? What if there was no such thing as lending institutions or places to rent? Most of us would be living on the streets, so be grateful to the lending institutions or your landlord, because they have made it possible for you to live in a home or apartment.

If you are paying a bill for gas or electricity, think about the heating or cooling you received, the hot showers, and every appliance you were able to use because of the service.

If you are paying a phone or Internet bill, imagine how difficult your life would have been if you had to travel vast distances to talk to each person individually. Think about how many times you have been able to call family and friends, send and receive emails, or access information instantly through the internet because of your service provider. All of these remarkable services are at your fingertips, so be grateful for them, and be grateful that the companies trust you by providing their services before you have paid for them.

Ever since I discovered the phenomenal power of gratitude, I write the magic words, “Thank you — Paid,” on every bill as I pay it.

At the beginning, _when I didn’t have the money to pay a bill, I would still use gratitude’s magical power, and would instead write across the bill, “Thank you for the money.” Then when I had the money to pay it, I would add, “Thank you — Paid.”

From today, you too can adopt this practice. If you receive and pay most of your bills online, then when you receive an online bill forward it to yourself as an email and write in the subject line in capital bold letters, THANK YOU FOR THE MONEY.

Find ten bills you have paid in the past and write across the front of each one the magic words, “Thank you — Paid.” As you write on each paid bill, feel as grateful as you possibly can that you had the money to pay the bill. The more gratitude you can harness for the bills you have paid, the more money you will magically magnetize to you.

Feeling gratitude for the money you have paid out guarantees you will receive more.