Magnificent Outcomes!

We all want a good one to everything we do. In giving thanks before he performed an action, the writer Gilbert Keith Chesterton used the magic of gratitude to guarantee the outcome he wanted.

You will have had times when you thought to yourself, “I hope this goes well,” or, “I hope this turns out okay,” or, “I am going to need a lot of luck.” All these thoughts are hoping for a good outcome to a situation. But life doesn’t happen by chance or because of a stroke of luck. The laws of the Universe operate mathematically to the finest possible degree; that’s something you can count on!

A pilot doesn’t hope that the laws of physics will keep working during his flight, because he knows the laws of physics will never fail. You don’t go into your day and hope that the law of gravity will keep you on the ground so you don’t float off into space. You know there’s no chance at play, and gravity’s law will never fail.

If you want Magnificent Outcomes to everything you do, then you have to use the law that governs outcomes — the law of attraction. That means you have to use your thoughts and feelings to attract Magnificent Outcomes to you, and being grateful for Magnificent Outcomes is one of the simplest ways to do it.

The Magnificent Outcomes practice is being grateful before you do something you want to go well. You could be grateful for the magnificent outcome to the work meeting, job interview, or exam, the magnificent outcome to the sports game, phone call, catch-up with a friend, or seeing your mother-in-law. And you could be grateful for almost anything where you want to have Magnificent Outcomes.