The simple truth is Happy People generally don’t get sick.

Your attitude toward yourself is the single most important factor in healing or staying well.

The first place you must win the victory is in your mind. If you don’t think your body can be healed, it will never be.

The power of mind to heal or make you sick is almost limitless. Your nervous system is the master computer that checks, balances, and controls all the other systems in your body.

Every thought and emotion trigger the release of chemical messengers throughout the body. In other words, there’s no such thing as “just a thought.”

Every thought has a physical consequence, for better or worse.

One of the greatest mysteries in the medicine is the spontaneous remission of supposedly incurable chronic diseases. Thoughts and emotions are among the most important factors contributing to all diseases. This is why a change in your thinking or belief can actually change how your genes express — same genes, different results. That’s powerful!

What you think can mean the difference between having or not having disease. Just as you are what you eat, you are what you think. Just as you can choose what you eat, you can choose what you think. If you are sick and want to get well, you must change both what you eat and what you think.

The U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that 85% of all diseases have an emotional component.

🌷 Feelings of anger, apathy, gloom, and resentment weaken the immune system and damage health.

🌷🌷 Positive thoughts of love, compassion, joy, and humor support good health

Your mind is the biggest pharmacy on the planet, and it matters a great deal how you use it .