Here is how your New Year 2019 will go!

Simply add your month and date of birth to 3 and further add the digits till you get a single digit. Also notice the two digit number just before the final single digit — especially if it is 14, 16 or 19.

For example, if you are born on July 12, then you would total
7+1+2+3=13= 1+3= 4. Now read the description against number 4.

What is in store for you in 2019?

1. After a lot of things, people and arrangements that have moved away from your life last year, this year brings an opportunity to start afresh. New people, new environment await to welcome you. It could even be old wine in a new bottle. Whatever you have been planning to start for the last couple of years, weeks or even days; now is the time to START.Opportunities missed in 2019 may show up again only in 2028. So stop procrastinating and get into inspired actions.

2. Whatever you began in 2018, this is the time to nurture that idea or project. Be like a hen sitting on her eggs. Keep things to yourself. This year you must cooperate and wait for the developments to take place. Stop pushing things. The Love is in the air.

3. This is a time to have fun. Plan your long-pending vacation. Socialize and make friends. However, remember to keep your business appointments and turn out for your appointments on time. By far, 2019 will be the happiest year since 2017.

4. After having great fun in 2018, the time has come to pull up your socks and get back to work seriously. Especially, if you intend to take a vacation next year, you must consciously focus on completing all your projects. A good time to invest into property and land purchase. But, primarily this year you are supposed to just work, work and hard work.

5. Make sure that you get out of your house and go out. Travel far of places to get rejuvenated. You will get the success ideas when you meet new people in those far off places. This year focus on promotions and advertising yourself. Expect the Unexpected is the theme of this year. Even if you are suddenly thrown out of your job, remember that within 3 months you will get a better opportunity. Just practice gratitude under all circumstances.

6. The year 2019 brings you many domestic responsibilities. An ideal period for getting married, having children, and enjoying family life. You may have to take care of your ailing parents and/or in-laws. There may be hospital bills to be paid. You will be equally burdened with work in the office. Plan your life to avoid getting burned out.

7. After the hectic schedules of 2018, this year brings you a sabbatical period. You will want to stay away from social parties and crowd of people. In fact, this year in 2019, your health needs careful attention. You must start and continue your health activities such as morning walk, yoga, gym etc. Take enough rest and prepare yourself for 2020 which will be your year of money. However, this year stop running after money. Instead, use this vacation time to analyze your performance since 2012. Engage in enquiry such as who am I, and what’s the purpose of my life, etc. This year you will find yourself attracted to Numerologist and Astrologers. A right time to learn Numerology and other occult sciences.

8. This is your power year. Make sure that you consciously use every moment doing activities that will generate income. This year you will attract money easily. All that you deserved last year will come to you effortlessly this year. Take on larger projects. Go all out and make the most of it. Even if you are getting married this year, it will be business-like affair. Too much work load may not allow you to take time off for your spouse.

9. This is a year of completion for you. The dream/idea/projects you began in 2010 will come to completion in 2019. In a sense, it is a Reward Time for you. So when people, circumstances, situations and arrangements go out of your life in 2019; simply let them go out. However much you want to hold on to them, they will go out anyway, especially if life sees it appropriate. This is not a year to start any long-term relationship and/or business projects. If you get married this year before October 2019 it will last for just about one year. Focus on completing all incomplete projects and relationships. Plan for new projects and assignments, but wait till at least October 2019, before you actually start that new assignment. This year you will experience life full of emotions. The drama of life will be played out. If you are compassionate, you will experience success. Selfish attitude will result in disappointment for sure.

Wishing you a very happy & blissful New Year 2019.