Cause A Magical Morning Daily!

The easiest and simplest way to ensure that your day ahead will be filled with magic is to fill your morning with gratitude. When you incorporate gratitude into your morning routine, you will feel and see its magical benefits throughout the whole day.

Each morning is full of opportunities to give thanks, and it doesn’t slow you down or take any extra time because you can do it naturally as you go about everything you do. There is an added bonus to filling your morning with gratitude because your daily routines are the times when you can harm yourself the most by thinking negative thoughts without realizing you’re doing it. There’s no room for harmful negative thoughts when your mind is focused on looking for things to be grateful for. After this practice, you will go into your day feeling much happier and more confident that the day ahead will be great – and that’s when you will see the magic happen before your very eyes!

When you wake up to the new day before you move before you do a single thing, say the magic words, thank you. Say thank you for the fact that you are alive, and that you’ve been given another day of life. Your life is a gift, every day is a gift, and when you really think about it, it’s inconceivable that any of us would wake up in the morning without giving thanks for another day. If you think a new day isn’t such a big deal, then just try missing one! It doesn’t matter how sleepy you are, or if your alarm has woken you up for work, or you’ve slept in during the weekend; the moment you wake, say the magic words, thank you, for another day of your life.

Say thank you for the good night’s sleep you received. Are you fortunate enough to have slept in a bed, with sheets and a pillow? Thank you! As your feet hit the ground say thank you. Do you have a bathroom? Thank you! Are you able to turn on the taps and immediately receive fresh, clean water every morning? Thank you! Imagine all the people who dug the trenches and laid the pipes across your country, throughout your city, and along all the streets to your home so you can turn a tap and receive beautiful, clean, hot water. Thank you! As you reach for your toothbrush and toothpaste, thank you! Without them, your day would not begin so pleasantly. Thank you for the towels, the soap, the mirror, & everything in the bathroom you use that makes you feel fresh, awake, and ready for the day.

As you get dressed, think about how fortunate you are to have clothes to choose from and wear. Thank you! Think about how many people must have been involved in making all the various items of clothing you put on and wear in one day. It’s likely that the clothes you put on in one day come from many countries across the planet. Thank you to everybody! Do you have shoes? Lucky you! Imagine life without them. Thank you for shoes!

Wishing you Happy and Successful Friday! May you succeed in your life’s purpose.