No Relationship is an Island

Your intimate relationships have the power to drive you to the new levels of success or failure. Fix or end a bad relationship to free up energy so you can do what matters most to you.

Invest in any type of great relationship that works for you in order to unlock more power than being alone.

Ignore tradition if it doesn’t serve you, but seek the support of your community.

The relationship that serves you will be stronger and last longer with a community backing it.

Though it may not always seem that way, if you are married or in a long-term committed relationship, studies consistently show that people who are in a long-term committed relationship, across age and gender, are generally happier than people who are not.

Of course there are lots of happy single people, too, but science shows that people in relationships are, on average, happier. Knowing that you have a stable partner provides feelings of safety and a sense of community, which lessens background fear.

And, if your body believes you have a hope of reproducing the species, it lowers background stress (even if you have no plans to do so).

Keep thinking! 😊